The Organisation


We work in a large build up area which enables us to successfully execute division of work in an effective way & easy flow of production process flowchart. Also, we are situated in a developed industrial corridor with good infrastructure which helps in faster movement of raw materials & finished goods. Our annual installed capacity is 5000 MT & we work towards increasing our capacity by 10% every year.

List of Installed machinery

  1. Medium frequency Coreless Induction Melting Furnace With twin melting pots & Power Trak-R Plus.
  2. 425 M.T. Extrusion Press with Oil filtration plant installed.
  3. Hydraulic billet cutter
  4. Billet Heating Furnace
  5. Pickering Plant
  6. Annealing Furnace
  7. Ultra Modern Draw Benches – For Big to small rod size draw application
  8. Reeling machines with variable speeds.
  9. Straightening machines for Heavy to light applications
  10. Precision Pointing machines / Sizer pointing
  11. Modern cutting & parting machines
  12. In house tool development department with Lathe machine, Hacksaw & grinding machines.

Our Responsible Actions towards Enviornmental Protection

  • WATER: Generated water is recycled through effluent water treatment plant which helps to use the recycled water again in the manufacturing facility.
  • ENERGY: We take a lot of effort in seeing that energy is not wasted or unwisely used. We have installed extra capacitors to control the reactive & non-reactive power losses. Also, continuous training is given to production staff towards energy efficiency & savings.
  • AIR: Exhaust hot gases and zinc oxide are passed through chimneys & collected through bag houses. Zinc oxide is collected in bag house drums and oxide free gases are released, while zinc oxide ash is sold to government authorized processors.
  • OTHER WASTES: We have introduced and implemented Industrial Waste Management
    procedures at our manufacturing facility to minimize waste products in the production process. The disposal of hazardous solid waste materials is done at government nominated dumping site.